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    Dress for Success

    Beauty and Fashion are my passion check out my Store

    Skin Care and Makeup lesson

    Take care of your skin its the only one your going to get





    Los Cabos Humane Society

    The Cabos Supremes

    We come on at minute





    I think the students gave more to me than I to them.

    Dome Village homeless Shelter teaching Color Analysis and Self Care




    Watching the patients  

    transformation was a real gift

    I had the honor of working at Fox News for 12 years at The L.A. Bureau

    I was the Artistic Director for Comcast for 10 Commercials

    Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe



    Heres my client list from my Fox years

    Hollywood will hone your skills like no other

    Merv Griffin The king of Hollywood was a favorite of mine RIP

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    Should I use lip cream every day?

    The skin on your lips is very fragile and it's strongly recommended to apply lip cream daily, especially in dry weather and cold climates.

    Your Skin is delicate treat it with respect a little work everyday goes a long way.

    I have oily skin. Does that mean I need to drink more water?

    Everyone should drink a lot of water for your skin to stay moist and avoid wrinkles


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